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Safe Sunscreen

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Safe Sunscreen

Okay its summer and we are all happy and relaxed, enjoying each day to the fullest right? Right, except for my summertime pet peeve that is…..someone next to me at the pool or beach dousing the air with their aerosol sunscreen! I mean has anyone seen how bad these are??? I get that it’s easier to spray on your lotion, especially with kiddos. I get it. I have three kids and believe me I would LOVE to spray them quickly before every beach day but, hello, the ingredients in them are bad…and because it’s a spray you are not just putting these ingredients on your skin but you are inhaling them!!! I mean, anyone read about why baby powder is no longer being used on babies??  It’s the same thing. So please consider a safer alternative …check out the EWG website for all things sunscreen as well as lotions and makeup. It is eye opening. And please if you choose to continue using these noxious sprays, please do not spray them near my face while I am relentlessly slathering my kids in safe mineral based lotions!!!  Ok. Done.

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