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The Smythson Bond Card Case


The Smythson Bond Card Case

Several years ago I was at Bendel’s, Henri Bendel’s of course, and I fell in love with a beautiful not quite baby blue wallet.  I had more than enough room for anything I need and it miraculously goes with everything.  The only item I preferred to that wallet was a teal card case.  It had a window in it, multiple slots for cards, and a pocket with a zipper.  I had purchased it for my sister, thinking that since she took the subway this would be easy to spot in her purse.  Well, she didn’t enjoy the idea of it as much as I did and so I took it back.

Little did I know that  in November of last year I would be moving in to Manhattan myself and have need of such a card case.  For a while, it worked just as well as I had hoped it would, and then in May, it was over. Somewhere between the last subway transfer and my home the card case went missing.  I was sure I had put it back in my purse, but I upended that purse and turned my apartment upside down looking for it.  Nothing, nothing and more nothing.  I started to mourn my perfect teal card case.  Luckily most of the cards in there were metro cards and a parking card.  I missed the case more than I was concerned about the cards in it. I couldn’t help myself, I kept searching the apartment hoping it would show up and then searched the Bendel’s websites for a replacement.  While the new card cases were similar, none was in the same teal color. In June I was walking through the Occulus, I had always walked past Smythson before but noted that had some beautiful folios and notebooks.  I decided to stop this time.  I first asked about the folios and deciding they were not a fit, I asked about card cases.  The salesperson brough out a lovely folder style red card case, with a blue stripe down the middle on the inside. And low and behold I was introduced to the Bond Card Case.
Smythson’s Bond Card Case
I loved it from the moment set eyes on that beautiful red color and felt the supple leather.   As if that wasn’t enough, when the salesperson wrapped it up it was placed in the most beautiful packaging.  I’m fairly certain I sill have it somewhere. I warn you, the cost is not for the faint of heart.  But if you want something memorable, that not everyone else will have, this is it.  Enjoy!

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