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Natural nail polish from Zoya

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Natural nail polish from Zoya

What is  better than polish that is free of major harmful chemicals – polish that comes in a million colors.

Zoya polishes are a lifesaver.  Try not to buy them all, but do make sure you buy the base, topcoat and drops kit.  Your manicure won’t last as long, and it defeats the purpose,  if you just let them use the typical products they have at your local salon.  Do not let them put the typical oil drops over your manicure either, even that will destroy it.

My personal perfect pink- Madison, and yes it’s better than Bubble bath, Ballet slippers and Mademoiselle  I usually have a Pixiedust color on my toes.  Why settle for color when you can have glitter too!

Their lipsticks are amazing as well.

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