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Easy Fresh Whipped Cream Recipe


Easy Fresh Whipped Cream Recipe

For those of you afraid to cook or not even sure where the power outlets in your kitchen are, this is literally the easiest thing you can whip up to impress your friends and family.

Take any amount of whipping cream/heavy cream, both will work.  The cream will expand to between 1.5 and 2x it’s volume.  The fastest way to end up with a bowl full of fluffy goodness is to use a handheld mixer.

Whip for approximately 20-30 seconds.  The whipped cream will start to froth up and get less liquid.  At this point you want to add flavoring and sweetener to taste.  There is no right or wrong combination or amount.

Confectioner’s sugar is the best sweetener, but you can use Stevia, regular sugar, Swerve, whatever you prefer.  You are adding a teaspoon for a small amount, tablespoons for large amounts.  You then want to add the flavoring, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, cardamom, any liquid flavoring you like.  Splashes of flavoring are good for small amounts.  Flavoring with color in it will color your whipped cream.

Some people say you need to start with a cold bowl, not necessary.  The faster you set the mixer the better.

And how do you use it? Top some beautiful berries and fruit with it.  Whipped Cream can be used to decorate that not so fancy but delicious cake from a mix.  Your friends will never know and your family will devour the results.



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