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My must have bags list

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My must have bags list

Scout Bags – best all-purpose bag

A few years back I was wandering around a local gift shop and I came across this plastic feeling bag with woven straps.  It was in this adorable yellow, navy and white stripe pattern.  It had a label on it that said “Scout” and at the time I had a dog named Scout, and I thought perfect, this is his bag!  I did not think that bag would last me more than a year.  Three years later, it’s still going strong.  I have used it to haul anything you can imagine.  Clothes for the weekend, groceries, presents, dog food, cat food, you name it, it went in there.  I have since added to my collection, I have 2 more totes, an insulated tote bag for the beach, and several small pouches.  They just don’t make tote bags, they make any kind of bag you can think of.  Backpacks, tennis bags, computer cases, zipped not zipped, duffel bags, endless colors and patterns and in both the same resilient treated material and canvas …I love my Scout bags and you will too.

Dooney & Bourke – Boldrini Selleria – best handbag

I was walking by my local Dooney store and I saw, in a framed display, this beautiful drawstring bucket bag.  It had a tag on it that said “Boldrini Selleria”, which I did not understand the significance of at the time.  The bag became my every day go to.  It was a beautiful deep drown, with the standard red fabric interior.  It fit everything, wallet, book, my laptop, even my lunch and a water bottle.  It had a pouch for my blackberry – yes that’s how long I’ve had it –  and it had an interior pouch I could zip small items into, like keys, and then a small zip pouch on the outside for my work id or metro card.  Several years ago my favorite bag was starting to show its age, I guess that’s what happens when you take it to the beach when you travel too,  and much to my horror Dooney & Bourke was not making it anymore.  I eventually found a few replacements on eBay – I snap them up whenever I see them.   I have not found a white one yet though, and if I can my life long quest will be complete.   I also found out that Boldrini Selleria was a company in its own right, an Italian company.  They do not, however, sell directly to consumers.  They seems to still be collaborating with Dooney – but there are a very limited number of online retailers that sell Boldrini Selleria bags direct – and even then they do not sell many different models.  (Yes Barney’s I’m talking to you.).   So what does this mean?   For that beautiful smooth as butter leather you can get these Boldrini styles through Dooney, they make various  totes and classic styles in gorgeous colors – or you can fly to Italy and hunt them down.  If you do, please ask them to search old stock for my white drawstring bag.  Grazie Mille!

Bric’s – best luggage

Once upon a time, I worked on Madison Avenue, near 52nd street.  I loved walking by the Helmsley Palace, now the Lotte New York Palace, it was perfect in every season.  At lunch time, on the rare days I could get out, I walked north of my office and on one such trip I wandered into this store selling luggage.  It didn’t seem like anything special to me at the time.  It was colorful, it came in various shapes and sizes, hard sided, soft sided suede-y fabrics, and I would often walk up there to see what new colors had.  I had no need for luggage at the time though and so I seldom went in.  If you like a good romantic comedy then you have definitely seen the movie The Wedding Date, and if you haven’t shame on go stream it right now  What was the first thing I noticed in the beginning sequence of that movie? Her luggage.  It was a beautiful turquoise/baby blue and matched perfectly, so I immediately took to the internet to research and low and behold, they were Bric’s, and I realized that buying a full set was not in the budget.  Fast forward a bit, and now I’m traveling, no place fancy but frequently, and I’ve got an “old style” bag with two wheelers.  I’m thinking to myself, yes Elaine, you need an update.  A hard-sided spinner that does not weigh more than the contents of the bag.  So I’m on the Gilt website and there its is, a large orange bag.  Not just any orange bag, a Bric’s Bellagio trunk spinner.  If I am traveling for a week or more it fits everything perfectly, and while it is very dirty, it has outlasted every other bag I have every had.  I have added to my collection – 3 soft suede-y duffel bags – that I was lucky enough to find at TJ Maxx, I do not expect to find anymore there, but that doesn’t stop me from looking.

My next bag – Louis Vuitton Neverful

The Neverful has been on my list of must have handbags for a while, it just has not made it in to my collection yet.  I hesitate over a bag that everyone will recognize.  Don’t get me wrong, I like a good lux product, there is something about me being the only one that knows how chic it really is that I like though.  I will eventually break down, because she’s calling to me, the Neverful GM, in Damier Ebene.

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