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Dyson AirWrap. A totally honest review.


Dyson AirWrap. A totally honest review.

I have IT…a Dyson AirWrap.  I have had it for about 2 months. It is both very rewarding and difficult to get used to. To get to the point, I love it and recommend it. It is not for everyone though.

I have lots of curly, fuzzy hair. Hair that looks perfect for about 10 seconds after it’s dried and then it all goes sideways. Or up.  Or down. Whatever way you don’t want it to go, that is what my hair does. I also have a little carpal tunnel and a little tendonitis. Many years of computer use do not make it fun to always blow dry my hair straight, and I always blow dry it straight. I have tried Japanese straightening and had a lot of my hair break off. I have used curlers, curling irons and flat irons. These things are not my friends.  I also love the sun in summer and I color my hair.   Combine all these factors and I can end up with fuzzy, messy, dry, brittle faded hair.

Hair care is important. Hair is one of the first things people notice about you – especially if it’s great or terrible. Even though my hair is a challenge I fall in the former category.   I was interested in the hair dryer but I wasn’t convinced it was really going to transform my experience. Then I saw my first YouTube video on the AirWrap.

My interest was very highly peaked. I watched more videos. I spoke to people. I tried to go see it. I was particularly interested in it because it seemed that it would transform my routine in several ways. Firstly, I wouldn’t need to wield a brush and a dryer. No more seizing of my hand and the brush or dryer dropping to the floor. Second, the heat, more focussed than a hair dryer but not as damaging as an iron. And lastly, it gave me options, curly, wavy, straight. I could do it all.

So what was the actual experience like?  It hasn’t been suddenly transformative, it has taken time and it is still a work in process.  It is making a huge differences for me. Here are the pros – I’m not juggling multiple instruments any more, no dropping the brush in the sink – or someplace worse!  I don’t have to do just one style, or pull out 6 brushes.  I can actually have a beach wave but I get can get curls – real curls that do not fall out or frizz.  When I do my hair with it, someone always gives me a hair compliment and usually asks if I had it done.

So you are not deceived, there are cons – it’s expensive, there is not a starter kit that doesn’t hurt the wallet. That being said if you have a real hair dryer you already spent 200 on it, and if you were considering the Dyson hair dryer – the jump from that to this is not too too bad. Time is not your friend when using the AirWrap. It will take you longer to do your hair. Lastly, you have to practice with it. Your first attempt will not be perfect. Be prepared to experiment with the tools.

I have done my hair, my sister’s hair and my niece’s  we have all different hair types and it worked great for all of us!  So what are my tips?  Use good protectant products, these are still important  be careful of your ends, if they are generally dry the can still end up dry.  Watch your roots, if you have curly hair the could wave if you only use the curling tools  the cool air shot WILL  set your curls better than you can imagine.  Watch all the videos you want , but test all the tools  I actually use the round brush to get my hair straight!

So ….if you’re not sure, get sure and go get one. It won’t do the work for you but will make it easier. It will change your life!

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