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Color WOW, get it now!


Color WOW, get it now!

I love my hair, it’s amazing. It’s difficult, but amazing. I already talked to you about the AirWrap and what I have learned since then is that if you do not regularly add EXTRAx3 moisture to your hair – and you have a lot of coarse hair like me – you will start to see your ends fry. I also color my hair so fried ends means they bleach out. So you start to look like a leopard, or a zebra – something unevenly colored and striped. I did a few things to put things right. I went to a salon that fixed my color properly. I do not use the AirWrap every time I wash my hair and when I do I try to leave the ends out of it. I got a silk pillowcase and hair scrunchy. Lastly I switched up my products.

I had already started ordering and picking up different things – I tried Prose, it smelled great but the conditioners did not work so well for me. I then stocked up on Briogeo. More good smells, but the shampoos and conditioners didn’t do much for me, the styling products made more of a difference, especially the spray in conditioner. The Brazilian blowout products gave me the best result post wash but the residue made my shower a trip hazard. I tried Olaplex – I kept forgetting to apply it at the right time so I got through one small bottle and did not bother getting more. So how did I find Color WOW, YouTube. I watch a lot of makeup videos and I noticed videos referencing Chris Appleton started popping up in my feed, he takes care of Kim Kardashian’s hair as well as more than a few others. I could tell you that I researched and pondered and looked at other reviews but I didn’t. After I watched him talk about the Dreamcoat product I clicked over immediately and ordered almost the entire line.

So how is it going? Amazing. Even before I went for a trim I noticed my ends were much happier. They felt smooth after a fresh blow dry. My hair overall was much shinier, that is a feat in the summer for me as my hair sucks up the humidity. I did not lose volume and it actually helped me smooth certain parts of my hair that are always a challenge. And the packaging – simple and shiny. I have thrown out everything else in my shower and the odd styling products that cost me a small fortune but ultimately did nothing for me.

I am still experimenting with the combinations of products. I was visiting the seashore and there was no combination that made me totally frizz proof here. (I will find it but that is a challenge.) My hair was full and bouncy without being sticky or weighed down. The products are magical – not to mention they smell incredible and the fragrance is consistent – this is really important otherwise you end up smelling like a grandma. I am about to place a bigger order in. I suggest you do as well – Color WOW: nailed it, well done. When I hit the mega millions jackpot my people will reach out to make sure my lovely locks are under his direct care.

Think you have a product I should add to my routine -comment below!

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