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Gloves – just in case it gets cold

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Gloves – just in case it gets cold

What strikes me the most about watching old movies is that the women are always immaculate and it’s not so much what they are wearing by way of their clothing alone but that when they put on coats they put on hats and gloves as well. It’s almost like an entirely new outfit. In most cases the coats coordinate with the dress they have chosen.
Some people have the closets and the money to do this, not me. I have one coat per season, but I do splurge on gloves and scarves and there is something special about running your hands across all the multi-color offerings in the department stores, especially around this time of year. The colors and textures, they are perfectly laid out like a bouquet of flowers and just as soft.
The easiest place to find gloves is your tried and true department store: Macy’s, Lord & Taylor and Nordstrom. These stores have the tables of them laid out in all materials, textures and colors.
You should NEVER walk by any standalone boutique though. I have been in glove stores in Paris, Spain, New York, Boston and London. There is something very adult about knowing your glove size and trying on leather gloves. Lined and unlined. Fur trimmed or cashmere. You might not be able to own 6 coats to match your outfits or moods but you can certainly own different gloves and you need at least 3 pairs. One leather pair, one cashmere and one fleece or everyday fabric.
You should buy nice leather gloves from a boutique and I go for lined, preferably in a standout color like red or teal. Something that will be in contrast to your dress coat or jacket. Sermoneta gloves is a perfect place to source these from.
Leather gloves will eventually conform to your hand over time but cashmere gloves are always comfortable and can be just as flashy. This year I picked up a pair from N. Peal. Black cashmere with contrasting fur, they were gorgeous indulgent and you can get a matching scarf and hat which I will be picking up shortly.
Lastly, you need an everyday pair. I usually replace these every year. I may pick up a wool set, cashmere – I can usually find a lovely Ralph Lauren set that fits the bill … something that I can wear that I can toss or toss in the laundry if I need to. For example, if we go cut down a tree for Christmas …. I wear these gloves. I still look out together and my gloves add some fun. (All my coats and jackets are black so not hard to buy showstopping gloves). This years pair are fleece and chenille, they have my initials on them and they have a sweet bow and Pom-poms. They happen to have little pads on the finger tips so you can also use your phone but that wasn’t a requirement. Cute and functional, this years gloves were made by Mudpie.
in summary – gloves can up your look game. They make you look grown up and sophisticated not to mention keep your hands warm and from cracking. Happy hunting! Here’s to hoping it gets cold enough to show them off!

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